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5 Tips For Picking Up Women Online

The online dating world can sometimes seem like a jungle of time wasters and fakes. If you want to pick up women online and meet them for real dates that can lead to physical action, there are some important things you need to know.

  1. Call her by her name.
    Use her real first name if you know it, or her online nickname if you don’t. Some men think they are being affectionate or cool by calling girls Babe or Honey right away, but most girls hate for anyone but a regular boyfriend to give them cute names like that. Being called Babe by some guy they didn’t even meet yet will turn them off him, and maybe even make them angry.

    Using her own name (or the name that she gives) is both polite and respectful. It’s great to be friendly but not over familiar. If you don’t even respect her enough to use her name, you probably won’t get a reply to your message.

  2. Don’t use sexual hints or remarks about her body.
    Any kind of sexual innuendo before you have built up some kind of relationship is not a great idea. You risk having the recipient block your messages and possibly report you to the site administration. Comments about almost any body part except her eyes will make many women uncomfortable.

    If you enjoy making these kinds of comments and want a situation where it is allowed and even encouraged, look for an adult dating site. But be aware that the women on those sites will often expect to be paid for a meeting, if they will agree to meet you at all. If you are looking for a real date, it is better to play nice as a member of a regular online dating site.

  3. Be honest in your profile.
    The basic rule with profiles is – you can leave things out, but don’t lie. If necessary, ignore questions or say that you prefer not to answer until you know her better. If you lie about anything it is likely to be found out at some time. She may not care that you earn half as much as you told her, but she will hate that you lied to her.

    What you want is someone who wants you – right? So if you tell a lot of lies to attract someone who will then be disappointed when she meets you, it has just been a big waste of time.

  4. Use a recent picture.
    For the same reason, mke sure that your photo is a recent one that really looks like you. On most sites you can post several photos, so if you want to show off your body, for example, you can have one beach shot and another where your face is more clearly seen. In fact, it is a great idea to post several pictures of yourself in different situations. Don’t forget to smile!

    If you have a good reason for not wanting to post a face shot publicly, then find a way that you can send it along with your messages to anyone that you contact. She should not have to ask you for this.

  5. Ask the right questions.
    You will find that women ask you questions about yourself in their messages. A lot of men just answer them and end the message. But communication as women understand it, involves reciprocation – asking questions in return. If you ask her some questions about her life and her interests, that is the equivalent of listening to her in real life. She will love it.

Use these questions to find out more about her but be careful that you are not asking for personally identifiable information because this could scare her. For example, it’s great to ask if she enjoys her job, but not which company she works for.

This is hard for many guys who tend to focus on facts. Their natural tendency is to ask very factual questions. Learn instead to focus on her experiences and feelings, and you will have no trouble picking up women online.

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