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How To Pick Up More Women Than You Can Handle

What’s that? You don’t think it’s possible to pick up more women than you can handle? Well, read on …

This is an awesome technique for nightclubs, bars and some types of parties – any situation where a lot of people are present who don’t know each other already.

Often in this situation the average guy feels a little inadequate. There may be a lot of guys there who are richer, better built and better looking. The great news is that the other guys in the room don’t matter one little bit. With this technique you can still take your choice and leave with one of the most gorgeous girls in the place.

This technique will give you social value, which for most women is more important than looks or money when they first meet a man. They want someone who is confident and comfortable in a group, a guy they would be happy to introduce to their friends because he’s going to get along with them. They want someone that everybody likes – not the local clown, but someone who is admired, too.

Make Your Entrance

You’re going to create a buzz here, and it starts the moment you walk in. Make your entry like a celebrity. Walk in, stop and scan the room – not as if you are checking out the talent, but as if you are looking for your best friend. If you can, arrange for a few friends to come over while you are doing this and have them act like you’ve just made their night by arriving. Shake their hands, look happy and confident and let yourself be the center of attention in the group.

This is sneaky but it works real well – and your friends can take a turn at being the ‘celebrity’ on a different night, if they want.

Smile And Introduce Yourself

Make a tour of the room and if you see anybody smiling at you, make eye contact and give them a smile right back. Then introduce yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s a guy or a girl, although you can spend longer with the girls. Shake hands to make physical contact. If a girl says something in your ear, put your arm around her in a friendly way while she is speaking.

Focus especially on girls who are there with a girlfriend or in a group of girls. Let them introduce you to their friends. Try to keep a hold of one or two names from each group – this is easier if you say the name after you have been introduced. Keep smiling, but don’t start with your pickup lines yet.

Introduce Others

By this time, a lot of the people in the club will be watching you and wondering who you are. It now becomes very easy to meet more and more girls. As soon as they make eye contact you can go over. Then, introduce that girl and her friends to another group of girls that you just met. This allows you to move from group to group, show off your networking skills and flirt with a lot of girls on the way.

Everybody’s Talking

Now the girls are all talking to each other, and guess who a lot of them are talking about? Yes, you. When you come back to a group that just introduced, you will find they are all wanting your attention. Now you can spend a little longer with each group and start to pick out the girls you want to focus on.

At the same time, it’s payback time for those good friends who mobbed you when you came in – you can show you’re a generous guy by introducing them to one of the groups of girls. In fact, you need to. Because guess what, you just picked up more women than you can handle …

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