In the Registries that have a Civil Registry Physician attached, the latter will verify the terms of the party and beg for his omissions, for which he will be given, at least, four hours.

In those that do not have it, the Person in Charge, before registering, will demand from the Obligatory Physician the appropriate part, as soon as the urgency of the registration allows it and, not obtaining it, or being contradictory with the information of the declarant, will verify the fact of the substitute for the Civil Registry Physician, who will ratify or supply the required part.

The nearest Civil Registry Doctor or substitute who resides in a town located more than two kilometers away may excuse her attendance. The verification will then be made at the discretion of the Manager or Justice of the Peace, by himself, by whoever has the same duties and powers in this regard or delegating, under his responsibility, to two capable persons: the result will be filled out in a separate act.

In the Consular Registries, in the absence of an adequate part, the supplementary verification referred to in the previous paragraph will be attended.

When the information is defective or offers well-founded doubts, the Person in Charge, alone or assisted by an Expert, will carry out the appropriate checks before proceeding with the registration.

The checks and other procedures for the registration and issuance of the burial license shall be carried out within twenty-four hours before death.

Registration can be done, in any case, and without prejudice to the provisions of the following article, by sentence or order of the Judicial Authority that affirms, without any doubt, the death.

The one produced by capital punishment will be registered by virtue of judicial testimony of the execution, which will refer to the optional part of the death and it will be avoided that the registration reflects the cause of death.

When the corpse has disappeared or has been buried, fame or possibility of death is not enough for the inscription, but it requires undoubted certainty.

In his case, at the order of the Judicial Authority that instructs the proceedings followed by the death, a favorable report from the Public Prosecutor must have preceded, and if it is a military Judicial Authority, that of the Auditor; If the Judicial Authority is foreign, it will be instructed to be able to register the appropriate file,

To specify the circumstances in the file or proceedings, the tests provided for the reconstitution test will be taken into account.

The death in the conditions referred to in the previous article, occurred in the field or in captivity, will be registered by virtue of a file instructed and resolved in accordance with this legislation, without further government, by the Military Judicial Authority of the Region, Zone o Corresponding department and, failing that, by that of the First or the Central, and always after a favorable report from the Auditor.

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