1. Its extension in the Registry, book or folio other than the one that corresponds. The jurisdiction for the file is determined by the Registry in which they were practiced and the resolution will order the transfer of the seat or seats, which must be canceled,

2. The performance in the seats or in the preliminary proceedings, of an incompatible official or of someone who, without being legitimately in charge of functions in the Registry, exercises them publicly.

3. The one practiced outside the corresponding book or formed without the precautions or the regulatory visa; or not extending them in successive order or in the appropriate spaces.

4. The omission of inaccurate expression of the statement, declarant and witnesses, or the document by virtue of which they are made.

5. The omission of the registration date, the names of those who authorize them or the legally required signatures.

6.º The use of abbreviations or figures not allowed, the use of a language other than Spanish, the difficult readability of characters, as well as the faulty expression of concepts when there is no doubt about its content due to the context of the inscription or others. These seats will be understood to be destroyed to the extent that they are illegible.

In order to properly accredit the facts that the entries attest to, it is required to present sufficient titles for the registration or to fully justify, through the entries themselves, the archived documents, or other means that were practiced by virtue of an adequate title.

2. In the event of the intervention of an illegitimate official, if it is proven that he exercised the function with ordinary diligence and skill.

3. In other offenses, provided that, at least, it is a signed registration, extended in a book, in successive order, with the due evidence of the statement or authentic document, by virtue of which it is practiced.

The General Directorate can dispense with the translation into Spanish, which, however. It must be done if there is a request from the interested party; the certifications will always be issued in translation. In these cases, the translation will be carried out without a file, by the person in charge or person with the appropriate optional title, giving a hearing to the Public Prosecutor.

It is enough government file to cancel the inscription practiced on fact already registered with the same circumstances; the cancellation will refer to the old seat to which the marginal seats of the canceled one will be transferred,

If an entry contradicts another in the facts to which both are attested, the rectification can only be obtained in ordinary proceedings, whose entry on both pages will be requested by the Public Prosecutor.

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