The Civil Registry Doctor will be substituted in the cases where he legitimately proceeds, in the following order:

1. For another that serves in the same Registry and, failing that, with the one that follows the one in the population, with less seniority in the career, the oldest will replace the most modern.

4. By the collegiate doctor on duty, domiciled in the town, without impediment of any kind for the function.

5. Regarding births, by the technical health assistant or midwife, with the conditions of the previous number.

The same order will be followed when she is not assigned in the municipal term Medical of the Civil Registry and her services are required, in special cases.

The shifts will begin with the oldest in the Ladder and, failing that, with the oldest. There will be a different shift for free services.

The parts, certifications or verifications of Physician or Sanitary Technical Assistant cannot be made by whoever holds a position in the Registry other than that of Doctor of that Registry.

In deaths, the person who has provided the deceased with medical assistance in her last illness may not act as a Civil Registry Physician.

The Civil Registry Medical Corps depends on the Ministry of Justice. All matters relating to it are entrusted to the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries.

The Judge in charge is the immediate hierarchical superior of the Physicians who are attached to the Registry. The Inspection will ensure the proper functioning of the service.

The Doctors of the Registry will punctually carry out their duties and will make an appearance before the Manager at the office time that they have been appointed and as many times as necessary for the service.

The Doctors of the Civil Registry will be paid according to the Tariff approved by Decree: they will be considered public officials and the right to use the corresponding identity document, which will be issued to them by the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries. As a distinctive of their positions, they will show, on the lapel, a silver plate twenty millimeters in diameter, with an irradiated background, containing the Maltese Cross in white enamel, with the attributes of Justice and the inscription “Civil Registry”.

For the purposes of reinstatement of the title, the Civil Registry Doctors will hold the following categories by assimilation to the administrative ones:

Those who serve populations of more than 250,000 souls, Third-class Chiefs of Administration.

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